Chemistry and Physics

Chemistry and Physics


In our daily life, we are surrounded by science and almost everything in life can be explained using science. In science, the 2 most common sectors in science that people commonly know are physics and chemistry. In chemistry, people learn about the behavior and properties of matter while in physics, people learn about motions and the behavior through time and space, not to mention the related entities of energy and force. Everything is made of chemical material and almost everything consists of physics. The car moving on the road has physics motion, the rubber ball that the neighbour’s dog is playing with is made from chemistry. Almost everything we use is made out of science and we need scientific tools to make it.


In Malaysia, there is a company that is selling scientific tools which is located in Penang. The name of this company is called Plasmost Enterprise Sdn Bhd. Established in 1994, our company has been expanding and growing stronger and stronger everyday. Our company is a supplier of various items including industrial QC instruments, high speed milling systems and more. Our company is very honoured to be the one and only authorised distributor of BYK and authorised dealer for VMA, Cometech, Cofomegra & Pelt Gauge in Malaysia. Our company only sells measuring instruments with the minimum requirement of the ISO 9000 quality standard. We also provide services such as excellent end to end support and solutions to our esteemed customers to meet what they need in their business exactly. The products that our company sells includes viscometers, spectrophotometers, tensile testing machines and more.


The most popular item sold by our company is the viscometer. Plasmost is a supplier of rotational viscometers in Malaysia. A viscometer is a scientific tool used for measuring the viscosity of a fluid. Viscosity can be explained as quantifying the internal friction between different layers of fluid that are in general motion. For example, if two liquid is poured down two different boxes and one of them is flowing quicker, the one that is flowing quicker is said to have less viscosity. Our viscometer is more advanced as our viscometers use rotational force as well. Our viscometers are called rotational viscometers. This viscometer product line can measure extreme levels of viscosity ranging from a near water-like viscosity to a very high viscosity such as epoxy, sealants and paste. BYK-Gardner offers a variety of rotational viscometers such as byko-visc Advanced, the basic version, the basic ex version and more.


The next item on our list is the spectrophotometers. There are a lot of materials that absorb light in our daily lives. We can even say that almost everything can absorb light, just different levels of light absorption depending on their material’s properties. So, how do we measure this level? The answer is Spectrophotometry. It is a method that we use to measure how much a chemical substance absorbs light. In this method, we measure the intensity of the light passing through sample solution and the tools that we use in this method are called spectrophotometers. Our company sells different kinds of spectrophotometers for different colours, one for solid colors and one for metallic colors. Our products are also portable for both colours. These devices are able to detect and quantify fluorescent light and to predict the change in color.


Another product that is in popular demand is the tensile testing machine. Tensile strength is the maximum load that a material can support without breaking or bending when stretched. The unit of tensile strength is newton per meter square meaning the dimension of tensile strength is force per unit area. Our company sells a variety of tensile testing machines and our machines are technology advanced. Our testing machines are able to measure various physical properties including tensile, compression, bending strength and more. Our products are sure to satisfy various test requirements and we do everything in our might to provide the best material testing solutions for our customers.