byko-spectra standard


Color evaluation of solid colors with 5 illuminants

  • Comfortable testing of large samples in a compact design:
    – Viewing area size: 48 x 71 x 51 cm
  • Comparison of standard and sample in a color-neutral environment
  • Five different controlled illuminants:
    – Daylight D65
    – Incandescent light A
    – Department store light CWF and TL84
    – Ultra-violet light UV
  • Viewing under ultra-violet light to evaluate optical brighteners or fluorescent pigments
  • No warm-up time or flickering which ensures quick and reliable judgments
  • Automatic light source sequencing to standardize testing procedures
  • ColorGuard II timing center tracks all light sources and indicates when to replace the lamps
  • Diffusing panel to eliminate direct reflection
  • For laboratory and production use

Prices and Products


byko-spectra standard 230 V


byko-spectra standard 115 V


Comes complete with

Light booth
5 illuminants: D65, A, CWF, TL84, UV
Factory certificate
Operating instructions

Specifications (PDF)


Lamp Kit, certified for 6046/6047

Lamp Kit

ISO Panel Set for 6046/6047

International Standards

ASTM D 1729
ISO 3668 (accessory required)

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