byko-test 4200/4500


The byko-test 4200/4500 is an economic dry coating thickness gauge that can measure film thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates (4500) or ferrous only substrates (4200).

  • Compact design for easy handling
  • One button operation for simple operation
  • Automatic substrate recognition to minimize measurement error
  • Backlight graphic display for viewing under poor light conditions
  • Strong, wear resistant ruby sensor tip
  • V-groove in probe for measuring cylindrical parts
  • Acoustic signal for measurement confirmation

Prices and Products


byko-test 4200 Fe


byko-test 4500 Fe/NFe


byko-test 4200 Fe EC, probe 3638


byko-test 4500 Fe/NFe EC, probe 3639


Comes complete with

Cat. No. PG-3635:
byko-test 4500
Carrying case with zero plates
Operating instructions
Calibration Certificate
2 AA batteries

Cat. No. PG-3634:
byko-test 4200
Carrying case with zero plate
Operating instructions
Calibration Certificate
2 AA batteries

Specifications (PDF)

International Standards

ASTM D 5895
ISO  9117-4
DIN EN  14022

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