byko-visc Basic EX


The Basic EX model has additional functionally at a reasonable price.

  • Programmable features: TTT, TTS
  • 10 location memory
  • Sample temperature measurement
  • Datalogger software with USB cable
  • Quick connect spindle accessory

Prices and Products

byko-visc Basic EX L
No. of Spindles: 4, Measuring Range (cP): 20 – 2,000,000

byko-visc Basic EX R
No. of Spindles: 6, Measuring Range (cP): 100 – 13,000,000

byko-visc Basic EX H
No. of Spindles: 6, Measuring Range (cP): 200 – 106,000,000

Comes complete with

Viscosity head, Stand with leveling adjustment, Boss head, Spindle set, Spindle protector, Spindle rack, Quick disconnect accessory, PT100 temperature probe, Datalogger software, USB port, Power cable, Calibration certificate, 2-year warranty, Operating manual, Carry case

Specifications (PDF)

International Standards

ASTM D2196
ISO     2555, 1652
BS      6075, 5350

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