byko-visc DS


The DS model is an easy to use digital Stormer viscometer that measures in KU (Krebs Units), Grams, and Centipoise units.

  • Automatically controls and maintains the rotational speed at 200 rpms
  • Complies with ASTM method D 562
  • CE/UL/CSA certified
  • Fast measurement results

Prices and Products


byko-visc DS

Range: 40-141 KU; 32-1090 grams; 27-5274 cP*, Resolution: 0.1 KU; 1.0 gm; 0.7 cP, Accuracy: within ± 1 % full scale, Repeatability: within ± 0.5 % full scale, Spindle Speed: 200 rpm±0.1 rpm

Comes complete with

Viscometer, 1 paddle spindle, Adapter for 1 pint, 1/2 pint containers, Operation Manual, two year warranty

Specifications (PDF)



Paddle Spindle

International Standards

ASTM D 562


Rotational viscometers detect viscosity by evaluating the torque required to rotate a spindle immersed in a fluid at a constant speed. The continuous rotation of the spindle guarantees that computations are completed across time, allowing for time-dependent fluid analysis. Rotational viscometer supplier Malaysia currently provides digital versions that can analyze materials with low, medium, and high viscosity. The amount of viscosity application, speed, and spindle arrangement should all be considered when purchasing a rotating viscometer. Each configuration of consideration will aid in fine-tuning the sensitivity and accuracy of measurement for your unique application. Unit size and dimensions are further factors to consider.

Plasmost is the only authorized rotational viscometer supplier Malaysia for industrial equipment. We will recommend digital viscometers to our customers since our byko-visc DS provides a direct digital readout of Krebs units (KU), centipoise (cP), and grams (gm). The device calculates viscosity readings quickly. In accordance with ASTM D 562, the digital stormer maintains a rotating speed of 200 RPMs. By lowering or elevating the instrument stand, the viscometer automatically begins and stops the motor shaft movement.

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