Multipurpose production dissolver for any container size.
Options: ATEX zone 0/1/2, vacuum design, SPS control, scraper system

Production dissolver DISPERMAT® SC

The production dissolver DISPERMAT® SC is a multipurpose production dissolver for product quantities from 35–1800 l. As an option the dissolver can be supplied in a vacuum or explosion proof design according to ATEX.
The production dissolver SC is designed for any container sizes up to 2.000 litres. The containers are fixed with a tension belt for safety. A central container clamping system is available upon request.

An integrated safety limit switch within the clamping device (according to the locking pressure) allows for operation of the dissolver, the dissolver can only be operated when the container is firmly clamped.

NEW: Proven and tested production DISPERMAT® SC dissolver in vacuum design with integrated scraper system for high viscosity products

The integrated scraper system also allows problematic (e.g. thixotropic) products to be easily processed.

The correct process control for any application is availble. DISPERMAT® SC dissolvers can be fitted with a choice of control options. For example:

  • Digital indication of speed, ampere and product temperature (as an option)
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Height adjustment of the dispersion tool
  • Pushbuttons and contactors for Power, Start, Stop and Emergency Stop

The dispersion process with the Dissolver DISPERMAT® SC

The container with the liquid component is moved into position under the dissolver and the dissolver disc is lowered down into the liquid.

The powdery component is added into the liquid phase with a low speed, wetted and premixed.

Following the premixed product is dispersed with the dissolver disc. Provided that the process is done correctly, the product will be put in a rolling, turbulence free movement.

The dissolver`s most important application is the dispersion of fine-grained solids into liquids. In this dispersion procedure three separate processes run in parallel.

  • The wetting-out of the surface with the liquid medium.
  • The mechanical de-agglomeration of the associated solid particles into discreet primary particles.
  • The stabilisation of the smaller particles generated by dispersion against renewed agglomeration.

Cover variation for dissolver DISPERMAT® SC

  • Without cover:With solvent free products the dissolver DISPERMAT® SC can be operated with an open container.
  • Cover with lamp, opening and scraper system:The dissolver DISPERMAT® SC can be equipped with a simple cover. During the milling process the cover lies tight on the container due to an intelligent feature; when raising the basket the cover is dragged with it. The diameter of the cover is chosen in such a way that even containers with different diameters can be operated safely. The cover can be fitted with a lamp, a scraper system and a lock opening for adding the product and/or for sucking off dust and fume.
  • Leakproof cover:For vacuum operation or for solvent based products using a completely closed cover is essential.

Applications of dissolver DISPERMAT® SC

  • Paints and coatings
  • Printing inks
  • Construction chemicals
  • Glues
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Varnishes
  • Laquers
  • Plastics

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