Electrical Manual Thermos Press Forming Machine Product Serial : QC-672

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<td>Hardness of polymer specimen</td>

<td>Horse power</td>
<td>DC Motor 600W</td>

<td>Cutting speed</td>
<td>High speed 3600 RPM,Low speed 1800 RPM</td>

<td>Specimen thickness</td>
<td>2 ~ 15 mm</td>

<td>Minimum cutting R angle</td>
<td>R=6 mm</td>

<td><br>1.With one dumbbell shape cutter, customized shape is also acceptable but cannot be wider than 100mm and longer than 250mm.
<br>2.With transparent protection cover.
<br>3.With cleaner to keep it clean when operating.
<br>4.Equipped with track to increase the stability, safety and fluency.</td>

<td>Single phase110V or 220V((Designate)</td>

<td>47 × 40 × 45 cm (W x D x H) </td>

<td>60 kg</td>




Electrical Manual Thermos Press Forming Machine
Product Serial : QC-672

QC-672 Automated molding step, The plastic or rubber of material put into the mold and press “start” which will auto pre-press specimen , heating, forming and cooling of steps. The material will base on mold shape to become forming which can do test or compare color or be a sample. It also can be used as ingredients for factory mass production.


Industry : Rubber, Plastic

Pressure 10、30、50 ton (optional)
Temperature Room temperature ~ 300℃
Size of heating plate 30×30 cm(or designated)
Heating time 50→150℃ needs 18 min
Distance between heating plate 120 mm (Max.)
Cooling method Use cooling system to rapid cooling upper and lower mold.
Cooling time 150℃→50℃, 10 min
Steps can be set Pre-press time, Press time
Temperature can be set Forming temperature, open mold temperature
Dimension 110×70×152 cm(W×D×H)
Weight 320 kg
Power 3 phase 220V/50 or 60HZ

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