Electrical Manual Thermos Press Forming Machine Product Serial : QC-674


Electrical Manual Thermos Press Forming Machine
Product Serial : QC-674

Automated molding steps: place raw material of plastic or rubber into the mold, andpress start button to pre-press specimens, then heating, forming and cooling.

Make raw materials be shaped by molding, and become a sample for testing, color comparing or can be used as basis of factory mass production.

Match with latest controller,dialogue windows make users understand setting and process easily.

Users can grasp energy, time and temperature immediately by controller’s diagram.
Furthermore, there are various selections of units; users can save more time from
manual calculating.


Applied Industry:Rubber, Plastic

Pressure 10、20、30、50 ton (optional)
Temperature Room temperature~ 300℃
Size of heating plate 50→150℃ take 18mins
Heating time 14 cm(max.)
Distance between heating plate 120 mm (Max.)
Cooling method Use cooling system to rapidly cool upper and lower mold
Cooling time 150℃→60℃ 10mins
Steps can be set Pre-press time, press time
Temperature can be set Forming temperature, open mold temperature
Controller 7” touch screen
Display Instant energy, temperature, diagram
Protection Full cover, emergency stop button
Dimension 128×74×152 cm(W×D×H)
Weight 680 kg
Power 3 phase 220V/50 or 60HZ
  • Cometech reserves ultimate modification right of product specification.


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