Basket mill TORUSMILL® TML



Basket mill TORUSMILL® TML

Modular basket milling system for DISPERMAT® dissolvers. Available in ceramic, nano-version and for vacuum operation.

Dissolver and bead mill in one instrument

The addition of the modular basket mill TML converts the DISPERMAT® dissolver into an extremely efficient grinding system. After the pre-dispersion is completed, the dissolver shaft can be replaced by the TML basket mill without the need for any tools.

The basket mill is available in the following designs:

Basket mill TML

Standard design for using bead mills from 0,5 mm. Optional: vacuum, nano, scraper and ceramic option

Basket mill TML-nano

For using smallest milling beads from 0,2 mm. Optional: vacuum, ceramic and scraper option

Basket mill TML-ceramic

Milling chamber, milling disc, separation sieve and container can be supplied in SiSiC or ZrO2. Optional: vacuum, scraper and nano option

Basket mill TML-vacuum

For dispersion under vacuum. Optional: nano and ceramic option

Basket mill TML with Scraper ASC

with high viscous products the TML can be combinated with the modular scraper system ASC.

Every basket mill TML can be modified for using smaller or larger milling beads at a later date. We would be pleased to advise you.

Basket mill TML – easy to clean and quick product change

Basket mills are extremely efficient grinding systems comprising of a grinding basket that is lowered into the millbase for dispersion. During operation the grinding basket stands still while the milling shaft to which the milling tool, dissolver disc and pump wheel are fastened, rotates. The rotating milling tool agitates the beads inside the basket which disperses the millbase. The dissolver disc at the tip of the shaft and the pumping wheel generate effective circulation of the millbase, helping to provide excellent dispersion results in a short period of time. The TML basket milling system includes a special adapter flange which enables it to be fitted to a DISPERMAT® without the need for any tools. If the standard dissolver shaft and the TML basket milling system are frequently interchanged, an additional DL dissolver shaft is recommended.

The double walled grinding basket filled with beads is lowered into the millbase

Intense circulation of the product is generated with the dissolver disc and integrated pump wheel. For assessment of the milling process – during dispersion – a product sample can be taken at any time.

When the milling process is complete, the grinding basket is raised. Product residue in the grinding basket is centrifuged out by briefly running the milling and the dissolver discs.

Cleaning the milling system is carried out with a suitable cleaning fluid in a separate container.

Advantages of modular milling systems TML:

  • Excellent dispersion results in a short time
  • Excellent product circulation via the dissolver disc and pump wheel
  • Highly repeatable dispersion results
  • Uniform average residence time
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Double walled grinding basket for cooling or heating
  • No dead areas due to effective mill base circulation

Basket mill TML environment-friendly and efficient:

  • Environment friendly dispersion in a closed system
  • Low energy requirement
  • Basket mill systems are easy to clean
  • Quick product changes

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