QC-206EX Digital Hardness Tester mod. 206 EX


n accordance to the standards EN-ISO 6506-2/ 6507-2/ 6508-2/ ABSOLUTE TEST LOAD The hardness tester 206 EX is a motorized model with load cell aligned with the indenter to achieve Rockwell hardness tests HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRH, HRK and generate fingerprints Vickers HV10 – HV60 – HV100. Versatile hardness tester for use in the workshop and laboratory, designed to control any type of material Pressing the wheel base you perform the contact with the surface to be examined, moving the upper lever, automatically, applies the load preset. The result appears immediately on the digital display. Does not need to be level and can also work closely with vibration

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