QC-506B1 Material Testing Machine


CNS 2276
Material testing machines can analysis the whole testing result including elongation, stress, strain, break value and average value. It can also fit to different specimen shape or be required to destroy the specimen and record the entire testing process and analysis the physical features of the specimen like tension force, bending strength, wear-resisting, impact, torque force, abrasion, fatigue, hardness, peeling force, viscosity…etc. We also supply the specimen maker equipment like pneumatic specimen press, hardness specimen cutting device, electrical forming machine. These equipment can make the standard specimen to get precise result during test.

This is a new tabletop Material Testing Machine which applied by latest design and producing skill to have strong structure and lightweight. Undoubtedly we still keep the advantage for testing precision, simply operation, expand strong. It’s the best choice for material testing machine. We have a series B1 type: 503B1/505B1/508B1/513B1. The specification and function of them are the same expect external different.

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