Scraper system ASC


Scraper system ASC

Modular scraping systems for dispersing and fine grinding of high-viscosity and non-flowing substances.

Scraper system ASC for DISPERMAT® dissolvers and mixers

In order to guarantee a perfect dispersion even with very high viscosity and non-flowing substances, very often a scraper system is absolutely essential. In this case it is ensured, that the product which is found at the inner wall of the container, is scraped off and added to the centre. Only then is it guaranteed that the complete material takes part in the dispersion and mixing process.

With the scraper system ASC the scraper arm is not guided in a circle within the container as usual but the firmly clamped container is rotating and the scraper arm stands still. The scraper system ASC is available for all mixing and dispersion instruments which are fitted with an electrically adjustable compact stand H2L for container sizes 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 5000 ml.

The handling is very easy: the scraper system ASC is simply pushed into the H-stand and fixed with the central container clamping system. Then the container is clamped and the scraper arm is lowered into the container. The scraper arm is pressed on the container inner wall by spring pressure: Thus, a complete mixing/dispersion process is guaranteed. The sickle shaped scraper arm ensures for an ideal mixing process. Even high viscous products come out of the container but are transported over and over again towards the centre of the container bottom.

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