Surface Hardness Abrasion Tester Product Serial : QC-621K

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<td>Hardness of polymer specimen</td>

<td>Horse power</td>
<td>DC Motor 600W</td>

<td>Cutting speed</td>
<td>High speed 3600 RPM,Low speed 1800 RPM</td>

<td>Specimen thickness</td>
<td>2 ~ 15 mm</td>

<td>Minimum cutting R angle</td>
<td>R=6 mm</td>

<td><br>1.With one dumbbell shape cutter, customized shape is also acceptable but cannot be wider than 100mm and longer than 250mm.
<br>2.With transparent protection cover.
<br>3.With cleaner to keep it clean when operating.
<br>4.Equipped with track to increase the stability, safety and fluency.</td>

<td>Single phase110V or 220V((Designate)</td>

<td>47 × 40 × 45 cm (W x D x H) </td>

<td>60 kg</td>




Surface Hardness Abrasion Tester
Product Serial : QC-621K

QC-621K of main purposed on test surface treatment of fastness, hardness and wear resistance of characteristics. Like painting, plating, coating and dyeing of treatment of wear and fade conditions. It usually uses white cloth, sand bar, steel wool of wear specimen material.


Stepper motor drive uses constant velocity friction with traditional harmonic game by test stroke limit agencies. It also can base on various standard requirements to set up test condition. Like speed, stroke, specimen shape, abrasion head type and load.


Industry: Plastic, electron

Model QC-621K
Control Panel
Able to set test speed: 10〜150mm/sec
Able to set test times: 1~99999999 times, Auto stop when test complete.
Weight sets 50gx1、100gx1、200gx1、300gx1、500gx1、1000gx1 (basic weight:200g)
Abrasion distance 5~150mm adjustable
Max test weight max. load 8 kg
Abrasion head a.Φ6.35mm: sand bar holder (excluding sand bar),b.Φ16mm: white cloth,c.Φ16mm steel wool (or specified by user)
Specimen Size width 20-200mm,thickness max. 50mm( or special specimen specified by users.)
Dimension 70×35×40 cm
Weight 46 kg
Power 100V~240V,50/60HZ

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