Vacuum dissolver DISPERMAT® VL



Vacuum dissolver DISPERMAT® VL

Dispersion under vacuum with single‒ and double walled vacuum containers
Optional: explosion proofness, scraper system

Vacuum dissolver with height adjustment of the dissolver disc even during vacuum operation.

The DISPERMAT® VL is a vacuum dissolver for laboratory and pilot plant operation. It is ideal for R&D work as well as for production of larger batches. The DISPERMAT® VL is very easy to use. The stand has an electric height adjustment; the vacuum container is securely mounted on the base plate by a quick release fixture. The height of the milling tool can be adjusted also during the dispersion process. The DISPERMAT® VL is also available in an explosion‒proof version according to ATEX.

The single and double wall temperature controlled vacuum containers are made of stainless steel. A viewing glass, lamp, vacuum connection, filling opening and exhaust are all located in the stainless steel vacumm cover.

The DISPERMAT® VL is also available with an optional scraper system.

Summary of the most important features:

  • height adjustment of the dissolver disc even during vacuum operation
  • stand with electric height adjustment
  • double wall (temperature controlled) and single wall vacuum containers made of stainless steel
  • vacuum cover with viewing glass, LED illumination, filling opening
  • options: explosion proof (ATEX), scraper system

C and C-EX ‒ technology

  • Graphic display with indication of speed, torque, power, product temperature, timer, periphical speed and height of the dispersing tool
  • Data recording with graphical indication
  • Switch‒off function for parameters as temperature, speed, power, etc.
  • 100 individual PRESET configurations
  • Data interface to WINDISP 7© Software

M-EX ‒ technology

  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Digital speed indication
  • Explosion‒proof according to ATEX
  • Electric height adjustment

Accessories for the vacuum dissolver DISPERMAT® VL

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