Tensile Testing Machine

Cometech testing machines company manufactures tensile testing machines, universal material testers and compression testing machines with our own design and production departments here in Taiwan. Our quality testing equipments can be flexibly modified and upgraded according to customer various demands. A wide range of material testing grips and fixtures are also available and easy to exchange for different testing purposes and specimens.
Powerful ability of data analysis are another main features of our tensile testing machines. Our tensile testers not only have up-to-date software, but also have the modern and ergonomic appearance and robust construction. Cometech had been one of the leaders in the field of tensile testing machines in Taiwan for years.
Our testing machines are available to measure various physical properties including tensile strength, compression strength, bending strength, fatigue, tearing strength, adhesion, friction, internal bond, hardness, softness and thickness…etc. Our products can satisfy various test requirements. We do our best to provide the most suitable material testing solutions for our customers.

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