Rotational Viscometers

Digital Viscometer

To measure the absolute viscosity a rotational viscometer is used. For non-Newtonian liquids a digital viscometer that applies a precise shear rate is needed. For laboratory viscosity measurement BYK-Gardner offers a comprehensive line of rotational viscometers. The viscometer product line can measure viscosity from a near water-like viscosity to a very high viscosity range for epoxy, sealants, and paste. To measure viscosity under a high shear rate Cone and Plate viscometers are available. The easy to use digital Stormer viscometer is also part of the rotational viscometer family.

Rotational viscometers detect viscosity by evaluating the torque required to rotate a spindle immersed in a fluid at a constant speed. Plasmost is regarded as the top rotational viscometer supplier in Malaysia, supplying the industry with cost-effective and high-quality rotating viscometers. With our consistent hard work and dedicated staff, we are able to maintain our position as the top rotational viscometer supplier in Malaysia and provide the most dependable goods to our clients.

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