Gardner-scrub, ECE 43


The Garder-scrub ECE 43 Wiper Resistance Tester for testing abrasion resistance of Windshields.

  • Uses windshield wiper blades to simulate actual end use conditions
  • Accelerated abrasion test of windshields
  • Compliant with Economic Council Europe method ECE 43
  • Two samples can be tested simultaneously
  • Stroke length 130 mm
  • Spacer plated included to adjust for the sample thickness variance
  • Easy to use touch-screen display
  • Compact design to save counter space
  • User selectable cycle time 6 – 60 per minute
  • Two year warranty

Prices and Products


Gardner-scrub, ECE 43

Comes complete with

Instrument, 2-Acrylic boxes, 2-Wiper holders, 2-Space plates 2mm, 2-Space plates 4mm, 4-pre-cut wiper blades, 200g scale, Sample pan

Specifications (PDF)



ISO Standard Dirt


Wiper Blades, 25 pcs

International Standards

ECE 43
DIN 52353

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