Liquid Color – LCM IV


Reliable color control of transparent liquids

The color of transparent liquids is critical as a change can indicate contamination or impurities in the raw material, process variations caused by heating and oxidation, or degradation of products exposed to weathering over time. Visual tests have been established by comparing the sample to a known standard. Today, objective measurements can be done with color spectrophotometers that give reliable data on a consistent basis. Besides degree of yellowness, such spectrophotometers also describe color differences three dimensionally: red/green, yellow/blue and light/dark differences.

International Standards

ASTM D 156, D 1045, D 1209, D 1544, D 1500
DIN 6162
ISO 4630, 6271, 2049

Routine production control to replace visual color evaluation

  • Determination of Gardner, Hazen (APHA/PtCo), Iodine, Saybolt and Mineral Oil scales
  • Truly portable with use of an optional Li-ion battery
  • Stand alone unit with built-in touch-screen allows use without the need of a PC
  • Intuitive user guidance for simple operation
  • Automatic cuvette recognition – avoids faulty measurements
  • Works with 10 and 50 mm rectangle as well as 11 mm round cuvettes for optimum precision
  • Easy to exchange rectangular cell compartment
  • Highly accurate and reliable results are guaranteed by the dual beam principle
  • USB and Ethernet interface for easy data transfer

Specifications (PDF)

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