Mixer / stirrer DISPERMAT® R11


Mixer / stirrer DISPERMAT® R11

Mixer / stirrer for laboratory and pilot plant with the comfortable CN - technology

Mixer / stirrer for mixing of pastes and putty

The laboratory stirring devices are suitable for many different stirring tasks such as homogenization of liquid mixtures. With low or medium viscous products wall distant stirring tools such as propeller blades or dissolver discs an be used. For higher viscosities a complete mixing of merging liquids is only possible with a wall near stirring tool such as a butterfly stirrer. Recommended stirring tools: propeller, dissolver disc and butterfly.

The DISPERMAT® R is a particularly powerful laboratory and pilot plant stirrer. The compact drive unit not only contains the strong three phase motor and separately driven low noise ventilation, but also has the power electronics built into the motor. The height can be adjusted electrically by means of the decently designed H2L compact stand. DISPERMAT® R models are fitted with the safety device as a standard. The central clamping system – part of the safety device – makes it safe and simple to hold the dispersion container securely in position. The container is placed on the laboratory bench between the clamping arms and is automatically centered as the arms are tightened. The control panel has a digital display which allows the operator to switch between values for speed, torque or time. In addition the dispersion time can be preset. The safety device functions are also indicated on the digital display.

CN ‒ technology

  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Digital display of speed, torque, timer and product temperature
  • electrical height adjustment
  • Control for the innovative height adjustment system (Ha, H1, H2)

Accessories for the mixer / stirrer DISPERMAT® R11

Flexible. Powerful. Innovative.

  • Modular dispersion systems for DISPERMAT® mixer / stirrer.

    The stirrer DISPERMAT® R11 can also be used with the modular dispersion systems as a vacuum stirrer and a stirrer for high viscous products

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